Stan Rogers

For the Family

(Gadfly 212)

Recorded in late 1982, this studio album, featuring brother Garnet and Jim Morison, includes renditions of traditional songs as well as songs written by Stan's relatives. The project was born when folk music aficionado Bud Manning and WRDV DJ Tor Jonassen suggested to Stan that he do a traditional album for Jonassen's small Folk Tradition label. The result is this classic release.

"Stan Rogers remembers his family's music, and on this album he sings their songs with loving respect -- not as an exercise in personal nostalgia but as a performance meeting the high standards of his other records. Stan's extraordinary singing is majestic in its strength yet whimsical or tender when appropiate. The musical arrangements here, while kept fairly simple to suit the material, are still creative and impeccably played. And the songs -- whether traditional or written by Stan's relatives -- are all beauties."
--WKAR DJ Bob Blackman, from the album's liner notes

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