Richard Goldman

Girls N' Cows

(Gadfly 225)

Born to non-songwriting parents in 1950, Richard began writing songs in his bathroom -- not merely to mask the sounds of bodily functions, but mostly because he felt "songs worked 'big time' with girls."

As the years went on there were more songs, more girls, and of course, in the end, cows. But now we're getting a little ahead of ourselves.

In the 1970s Richard failed as a songwriter. He believes this was largely due to the lack of cow songs in his repertoire. "...I flat out didn't recognize the significance of having a couple of fucking heiffer tunes."

In the 1980s he did a turn as a writer for TV's "Love Boat." "...I didn't last long... I always wanted to kill off Gopher." He also wrote and performed political satire on LA radio KROQ. "...At the time, I thought only eight or nine people were listening...over the years, it turns out, it was almost twice that many."

Suddenly, in the late '80s, everything changed. "I married a girl from Frisco... I made a lot of drives through California's Central Valley... I saw a lot of cows." The rest, as they say, is history yet to be made. On his new Gadfly release, "Girls N' Cows" he worries "I still think I may be a little light on the cow songs... there's only one really." However, a growing list of fans believe that Richard will soon remedy that little problem too.

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