Ilene Weiss

Weiss Christmas

(Gadfly 236)

"Weiss Christmas" is a singularly unique holiday release from one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter Ilene Weiss.

Weiss, originally from Philadelphia and now residing in New York, has long been recognized for her uncanny ability to create and perform songs that convey her unique perspective on the state of the universe. With "Weiss Christmas," she turns her attention toward Dec. 25th and everything associated with it. From the hallowed ("The Day A Baby Was Born") to the hilarious ("Santa Rap"), this CD stands out as an original. Guest appearances from Anne Hills, Loudon Wainwright and the Roches.

"Like Jesus, I was born a Jew and do not call myself a Christian. Unlike Jesus, I have no apostles (that I know of). Not since childhood synagogue and Hebrew school attendance have I been a regular paricipant in any organized religion. I'm kind of a crusty God-is-Love type, attracted to universal principles that, in their unadulterated-by-the-worst-of-human-natural state, pop up in all the world faiths..."

-- Ilene Weiss, from the liner notes

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