Chip Taylor

Last Chance

(Gadfly 237)

"Chip Taylor's Last Chance" was widely recognized as one of the premier country releases of the early '70s. Hailed by Rolling Stone and many other music publications, the album became a benchmark against which many future releases would be measured. Taylor, already successful for hits many his as a songwriter, found his own voice on this release, which shines even more upon its reissue.

"For a while there it looked like "Chip Taylor's Last Chance" was going to go down in the annals of popular music as a lost classic -- a masterpiece beloved of cultists and aficionados, but denied a larger public by label marketing gurus and radio programmers who didn't know where to "niche" a record that rocked, twanged, crooned, sobbed and laughed all at the same time. But things have changed since 1973. It's now clear that "Last Chance" was merely twenty-five years ahead of the curve on the most vital and inspiring musical phenomenon of the late '90s: alternative country, or the Americana movement. Now re-released on CD, and sounding as fresh as the day it was recorded, "Last Chance" offers the world another opportunity to embrace one of the finest country-rock-singer-songwriter-pop-music records ever. How often in life to you get a second chance?"

-- John Colapinto,

contributor to Rolling Stone

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