Various Artists

Family Album

(Gadfly 240)

"Family Album" is a unique theme compilation of songs about family members -- and all the emotional highs and lows associated with the family unit.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the release is being donated to several child advocacy organizations around the U.S.

The twelve songs on "Family Album" call to mind so many of the experiences and emotions we can all empathize with -- from the joy of belonging and security (Goodnight New York) to the agony of separation (Rider On An Orphan Train) and mistreatment (Hey Lady) -- from the wistful remembrances of a departed relative (Grandma's White LeBaron) to the memories triggered by an old photograph (The Picture). The songs on this album are portraits of some of those wide-ranging emotions.

Track List:
1. The Picture -- Loudon Wainwright III (from the album "History")
2. Somewhere Over NYC -- Jim Infantino (from the album "the world of particulars")
3. How I Met Your Mother -- Andy Breckman (from the album "Don't Get Killed")
4. Orange Cocoa Cake -- Peter & Lou Berryman (from the album "Double Yodel")
5. Up In The County -- Peter Gallway (from the album "Small Good Thing")
6. Trouble Never Looked So Good -- Gerry Devine (unreleased)
7. Hey Lady -- Tonio K. (from the album "Ol")
8. Grandpa's Advice -- Adie Grey (from the album "Grandpa's Advice")
9. Rider On An Orphan Train -- David Massengill (live, from the 1993 Greenwich Vill. Folk Fest.)
10. Grandma's White LeBaron -- Chip Taylor (from the album "The Living Room Tapes")
11. Goodnight New York -- Julie Gold (from the album "Dream Loud")
12. Cat's In The Cradle -- Tom Chapin (from the album "Join the Jubilee")

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