Tonio K.

Rodent Weekend '76-'96 (Approximately)

(Gadfly 242)

Twenty years, 19 tracks, a hamster named John Paul III.

Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of "Rodent Weekend '76-'96 (Approximately)," a 72-minute journey through some of the odder twists and turns in the career of cult rocker Tonio K.

This 19-track collection includes rarities, oddities and spare tracks from Tonio K., one of the country's most unique and biting singer/songwriters. Packaged with extensive liner notes and song histories from TK, this "retrospective" includes several alternate takes from the long-lost EP "La Bomba," Mr. K.'s biggest radio hit, "I'm Supposed To Have Sex With You," and the much-sought-after track "Hey John" from TK's self-released vinyl EP. Other highlights are "Funky Western Civilization, Phase II," "Harness The Hamster/Rodent Weekend '76" and "Everything, Including You, Disgusts Me."

Despite receiving massive critical praise for "Life in the Foodchain" (1978) and "Amerika" (1980), Tonio K. bounced around from CBS Records, to Arista, to Capitol-EMI (which resulted in the 1983 EP "La Bomba"), before settling into What?/A&M; for his third and fourth albums: "Romeo Unchained" (1986) and "Notes from the lost civilization" (1988). Since being "dropped" from A&M;, he has been one of the music industry's most successful songwriters, penning the most played song of 1993 ("Love Is," recorded by Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight), and placing songs with Bonnie Raitt, Aaron Neville, Al Green (from the "Michael" soundtrack), and many others. A fifth album recorded with an all-star cast (Paul Westerberg, David Hidalgo, Peter Case, Bruce Thomas, and others) was canned by A&M; and released by Gadfly Records ("Olé") in 1997. All four of Tonio K.'s earlier full-length albums are available on CD from Gadfly Records.

"Rodent Weekend '76-'96 (Approximately)" track list:

1.The Funky Western Civilization, Phase II

2.Hey John

3.You Make It Way Too Hard

4.Too Cool To Be A Christian

5.Baby Don't Do It

6.I'll Wait Here

7.Don't Talk To Me



10.Fools Talk

11.New Dark Ages

12.Los Gringos

13.Mars Needs Women

14.Party On The B Ring

15.You're Never Too Smart

16.The Hunter

17.Everything, Including You, Disgusts Me

18.I'm Supposed To Have Sex With You

19.Harness The Hamster/Rodent Weekend '76

"The quasi title track, Harness The Hamster/Rodent Weekend '76, is a genuine of piece of Neo-Dada nonsense. The object was to call the information operator (who you can hear pleading "Information...Can I help you...waiting...waiting?") and have a hamster on the other end of the line. We (Nick van Maarth and I) figured that in the history of the known universe, this had not yet happened (much less been recorded). This made us laugh tremendously. The hamster (pictured) was called John Paul III. No, she could not help him."

--Tonio K.

from the liner notes

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