Various Artists

Gadfly Pie

(Gadfly 245)

For our first-ever promotional sampler (SPECIALLY PRICED AT $5.00!), we've put together 16 tracks from our first 55 releases and thrown in unreleased tracks from Tonio K., Andy Breckman, and Julie Adams. The CD booklet is our entire catalog -- a great (and economical) way to get to know some of the most unique and talented recording artists on the planet!

Track List:
1. Push Comes To Love Gerry Devine & the Hi-Beams
2. A Small Good Thing Peter Gallway
3. In The Name Of Lust Ilene Weiss
4. Green With Envy Billy Bremner
5. One Eye Blind Jeff Wilkinson
6. I Had A Good Day (electric ver.) Andy Breckman
7. Monster Movie Tonio K.
8. Wild Thing Chip Taylor
9. I Don't Mind Walkin' Julie Adams
10. Dream Loud Julie Gold
11. Fall Thru Space Gideon Freudmann
12. Prettiest Girl At The Funeral Richard Goldman
13. Off The Ground Jason Eklund/Roger Johnson
14. We Sure Got Hard Times Now Deborah Holland
15. Song Of The Moderate Man Leon Rosselson
16. Back From Where We Came Susan Herrick
17. Short Memories Graham Parker
18. The Blonde John Lennon John Kruth
19. Gangway Jim Infantino

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