Julian Dawson

Under The Sun

(Gadfly 258)

You Think You're Alone
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We Can't Be Together
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If He Wanted Us To Fly
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Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of "Under The Sun" from British pop/rocker JULIAN DAWSON. The new album is the first CD of all-new tracks from Dawson since 1995.
Earlier this year Gadfly released "Spark," a collection of tracks from Dawson's European relases that had never been released stateside. That album -- featuring guest appearances from Lucinda Williams, Richard Thompson, The Roches, Garry Tallent, and Steve Forbert -- was testament to the work Dawson has done over the last two decades.
With "Under The Sun," Dawson kicks out a new all-original collection with the most solid recording unit he has had to date, including guitar and production duties handled by Kimberly Rew, co-founder of Katrina and the Waves and writer of "Walking on Sunshine" for that group (along with the Bangles' "Going Down To Liverpool" and other hits).
Fierce and fiery, literate and moody, British pop/rocker Julian Dawson makes makes pop music for smart people. Exquisitely produced and heartfully sung, it's singer-songwriter music gone uptown. He was born to be influenced by American music : his birthday is July 4th (1954). Having spent his early years touring in Europe, it was natural that he was first signed to a record label in Germany rather than in his native England. He made two albums for Polydor and five for BMG, most of which never saw the light of day in the rest of the world. A growing reputation among his colleagues, constant touring and some fine subsequent releases have managed to spread the word. If you can judge a man by the company he keeps, then Julian Dawson's reputation speaks for itself...A glance through the credits reveals the presence of some wonderful talents, from Lucinda Williams (who duets on the smoky "How Can I Sleep Without You") to Richard Thompson, The Roches and Steve Forbert.

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