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Dumb Country
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Silver Screen
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Desert Rivers
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Tjalkuri blends irresistible hooks, socially-conscious lyrics, and arrangements that reflect a feel for his native Australia. The project veers musically from straight-ahead rockers to twang-and-dobro flavored numbers to jazz-tinged pieces. "Tjalkuri" is a stunning introduction to this one-of-a-kind recording artist.

Australian pop/rocker Broughton Mitchell (a/k/a Tjalkuri), lived for time with an aboriginal tribe. During this time, a member of the tribe named Mitchell died, and Broughton was asked to take a different name in honor of the deceased. He was given the name Tjalkuri. His musical adventures have taken him to all parts of the Australian continent, writing and playing with musicians with a wide variety of backgrounds, from western-influenced pop/rockers to traditional native musicians with aboriginal and other indigenous influences. These different flavors are all captured in his songs and performances.


1. Dumb Country

2. Silver Screen

3. Desert Rivers

4. Take That Bait

5. Petrol Is Poison

6. Anything New

7. Take This

8. Drinking

9. Dingo Run

10. The Hot Thing

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