Sons of the Never Wrong

One if by Hand

(Gadfly 268)

Madame Butterfly
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One Simple Question
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Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of "One if by Hand," the third CD from quirky nouveau-folksters Sons of the Never Wrong. Building on the foundation built with their first two releases, "One if by Hand" is the polished gem likely to push the Chicago trio onto a new level of the acoustic music world.

Blending the best vocal elements of groups like the Mamas and the Papas and the Roches with a lyrical sophistication of Talking Heads, "the Sons" (Bruce Roper, Sue Demel, and Deborah Lader) are lively performers who hit their intricate harmonies as well on stage as in the studio. Based out of Chicago, they have already solidified a strong fanbase in their hometown, and they are poised, with this new release, to make waves on a national scale.

"Somewhere between John Prine & the Roches... pulling folk music into the next century by the heart and the funny bone." -- Performing Songwriter

"I see it all, and Sons is as good as it gets. They're burnin' inventive, bright, and original." -- Livingston Taylor

"...catchy hooks and clever verses. An exuberant, optimistic approach to music-making." -- Chicago Tribune


1. Madame Butterfly

2. Comet

3. Jonah

4. My Last Boyfriend

5. One Simple Question

6. Hallelujah for the Getaway

7. No 1-4 Me

8. Getting Better

9. Secrets

10. Magnetic Poetry

11. Teva

12. Home Hymn

13. Sleeping Bag

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