Black 47

On Fire

(Gadfly 280)

I Got Laid On James Joyce's Grave
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Johnny Byrne's Jig
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Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of “On Fire,” a live album that includes several new or otherwise unavailable songs and re-workings of some of the most electrifying songs from the popular Irish-American rock group Black 47.

In addition to including some of the group's best-known songs ("Rockin' the Bronx," "Fire of Freedom" and "I Got Laid on James Joyce's Grave") ON FIRE also includes "Our Lady of the Bronx" (a studio version appeared on an EMI EP in '92 but never appeared on an album) and the otherwise unavailable tracks "Johnny Byrne's Jig" and "Biko." In addition, many of the familiar tunes that ON FIRE includes feature new or extended instrumental sections.

Recorded on St. Patrick's Day 2001, this release features the same excellent recording quality as the group's 1999 CD "Live in New York City".

Black 47 was formed in 1989 and has recorded six CDs for EMI, Mercury, Gadfly and Shanachie Records. They have performed almost 2000 shows internationally, appeared on all the major TV shows, shut down the town of Hoboken, played Shea Stadium three times and have been at the forefront of opening the eyes of a generation of young Americans to oppression in the North of Ireland and elsewhere. Songwriter Larry Kirwan’s cinematic songs of New York street life and political upheaval have been used in movies such as Into The West, The Break, The Saint of Fort Washington, Looking For an Echo, etc. and are staples in political and social TV documentaries.


1. Big Fellah

2. Those Saints

3. Czechoslovakia

4. Fire of Freedom

5. Bobby Sands MP

6. Rockin' the Bronx

7. American Wake

8. Johnny Byrne's Jig

9. Our Lady of the Bronx

10. I Got Laid on James Joyce's Grave

11. Biko

Also available from Gadfly Records:

Black 47, "Black 47" (the indie CD), Gadfly 272
Black 47, "Live in New York City," Gadfly 248
Larry Kirwan, "Kilroy Was Here" Gadfly 273

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