Julie Gold

The Girl I Found

(Gadfly 290)

The Girl I Found
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When He Walks With Me
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With artists as diverse as Ray Charles, Ronan Tynan, Nanci Griffith, and Kathy Lee Gifford covering her songs, Grammy Award-winner Julie Gold has been very busy making music since her last release on Gadfly Records, Try Love (2000).  This latest studio effort, The Girl I Found (2005), is an exciting mix of songs ranging from the humorous (Number Two, The Heartbreak Diet) to the spiritual (Be God, When He Walks With Me).  With the talent of Emily Bindiger (Producer) and Jim Gately (Engineer), this latest effort is a testimony to the fact that Julie Gold remains true to her songwriting through every musical trend and fad.  Serving in various musical organizations, including as a Governor in the New York chapter of the Recording Academy (NARAS), Julie continues to perform and lecture throughout the country while remaining a proud and devoted New Yorker.

Best known as the writer of "From A Distance" (winning the Grammy for Song Of The Year in 1990), Gold has been writing and performing since the '70s, often winning accolades for her heartfelt performances of her deeply personal songs.  Originally from Philadelphia, Gold attended Temple University in the mid-'70s then moved to New York in 1978 to pursue her dream of being a songwriter. Though she immediately caught the attention of her peers and observers of the local scene, it wasn't until Bette Midler had a megahit with "From A Distance" that her career as a songwriter was solidly established.


1. The Girl I Found

2. Hotel

3. When He Walks With Me

4. Grey

5. Home

6. Number Two

7. When He Leaves

8. Let Me Try Again

9. Mountain Of Sorrow

10. The Heartbreak Diet

11. Be God

12. Thanks To You

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