David Massengill

We Will Be Together

(Gadfly 293)

Killer Keller's Last Stand
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Talking Dave Van Ronk Blues
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To Climb A Tree
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Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of "We Will Be Together," a new album from wildly creative storyteller and songwriter David Massengill. Massengill offers a new CD that includes fresh tracks that foretell a series a future projects: a Dave Van Ronk tribute album, a collection of fairy tale songs, a follow up to his previous album of songs about his hometown, and more. For fans of Massengill, he’s at the top of his game! Known for such signature songs as "Number One in America," "Rider on an Orphan Train," and "My Name Joe," Massengill has long been widely regarded as one of the most articulate and creative performers of the last two decades.

“With this CD, David Massengill shares the immediacy of his
creativity and honors the widespread roots from which it springs.
It’s a privilege to get an inside view of David’s creative process -
more than a half-dozen projects-in-progress crowd his imagination;
this album allows us a tantalizing peek at all of them.
His tributes to friend Dave Van Ronk are the best ones out there.
This is the David Massengill CD for which we’ve all been waiting.”

-- Tom Paxton


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