Gideon Freudmann

Hologram Crackers

(Gadfly 508)

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Robin Hood Changes His Oil
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Bayou Barn Dance
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Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of "Hologram Crackers," the new all-instrumental release from quirky cello maestro Gideon Freudmann.
Since releasing his first nationally-distributed CD -- "Banking Left" (Gadfly 204) -- in 1995, Freudmann has established himself as one of the most creative and inventive instrumentalists and songwriters actively touring and recording. His continuous experiments with various effects in his compositions give him an unmistakeable sound. At the same time, he has an unusual knack for melody and texture. Subsequent Freudmann recordings include "Cellobotomy" (Gadfly 502, 1995), "Adobe Dog House" (Gadfly 228, 1997), "Sound Of Distant Deer" (Gadfly 507, 1998). The latter is the only CD of cello and shakuhachi duets in the world.
Between recordings Freudmann has an active schedule of performances in clubs, colleges and schools.

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