Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman

Death-Defying Radio Stunts

(Gadfly 902)

This an outrageous collection of excerpts from the hilarious weekly radio show "7 Second Delay" hosted by comedy writer extraordinaire Andy Breckman, his sidekick Ken Freedman, and full-time (?) call screener Stork.

From harassing toll booth collectors, to giving the listeners a radio IQ test, to hiding a piece of matzoh somewhere in the state of New Jersey, WFMU's "7 Second Delay" delivers a weekly dose of call-in radio show insanity to the New York/New Jersey area. This CD features segments of the show recorded over a two-year period.

7SD is Ken and Andy's modest little attempt at humor. It's Reaganite in concept. Call it Trickle Down Mirth: You make a few people chuckle, they feel good. Next day, they go 'round making others guffaw, thus sharing the comic wealth. Of course, like an economic cycle, there are downturns, and on 7SD it's not all laughs. One time Andy and Ken called a nursing home and made an elderly lady cry on the air. "It was so poignant," insisted Breckman. "We touched a nerve." Critics disagreed: "A new low," they sneered, "even for WFMU."

-- Irwin Chusid, from the liner notes

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