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Ordering Information

All releases are available directly from Gadfly Records for :

$15/CD and $10/cass. (prices include postage/shipping/handling).

Gadfly 219 ("James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine -- 1967") and Gadfly 231 (Deborah Holland's "The Panic Is On: Songs from the Great Depression") are specially priced at $12.50.

Gadfly 245 ("Gadfly Pie") is specially priced at $5.00. If ordering ONLY this release, there is a $2.50/unit shipping charge.

Please note that the only items available on cassette are:

Add $3 per item for international orders (including Canada).

All items are shipped via special 4th class mail.

For first class delivery, add $2.00.

For priority shipping, add $3.00.

For UPS delivery, add $5.00.

For overnight delivery, call our office.

Please send check/money order to:

Gadfly Records

P.O. Box 5231

Burlington, VT 05402

Visa/Mastercard also accepted.

For additional inquiries, wholesale orders, or bulk orders, phone our office at 802-865-2406

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